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6063 Aluminum

6063 is the most common alloy used for aluminum extrusions that allows complex shapes to be formed and so is popular for visible architectural applications.

Aluminum 6063 is a medium strength aluminum alloy that is best suited for welding and is rated “excellent” for anodizing. Due to its high resistance to corrosion and good surface finish this aluminum alloy is mainly used in aluminum extrusions and is sometimes known as an “architectural alloy”. It’s smoother surface combined with machinability allows the 6063 alloy to be better suited for applications that do not need the strength of 6061 alloy.

Common 6063 aluminum tempers are annealed wrought alloy, T4, and T6. Due to its conductivity, 6063 aluminum is also used in electrical applications as well as manufactured fence railings, pipe railings, and other construction applications. As one of the most popular aluminum alloys, 6063 provides good extrudability as well as use for standard shapes and custom solid shapes & heatsinks.

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